'Tree' Pendant

€60,00 EUR

If you like sparkly glitter, this is the pendant for you. Deep blue goldstone with an eye-catching silver glitter effect that catches and reflects light, and featuring a stylised tree design.

About Goldstone:

Goldstone - Wendy Jeffries Designs

Goldstone, sometimes called Aventurine glass, is a man-made semi-precious stone.  The oldest found goldstone amulet today is a 12 to 13th century Persian amulet kept in the University of Pennsylvania.

The method used today to create this alluringly glittery stone was invented in 17th century Venice.  Though an urban legend claims the method was an accidental discovery by Italian monks practicing alchemy! The 12th century Persian amulet however proves earlier artisans were also able to create this material.

The rich shade of blue in this stone is obtained by cobalt.  Goldstone is more commonly available in a warm copper shade.


  • Stone measures 20x30mm
  • Comes on a  sterling silver diamond cut Figaro chain

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