'Toanga' Earrings

€45,00 EUR

Beautiful red Paua Shell earrings (abalone) finished with a delicate silver rose.  The swirling red catches the light whenever you move.

About Paua Shells

Paua Shell - Wendy jeffries Designs

Paua shells originate in New Zealand.  The harvesting of Paua Shells is very strictly governed.  For instance, Paua shells can only be harvested by free-diving.  It is illegal to harvest these shells using scuba gear.  Furthermore, there are very strict catch limits.  Any shells harvested must be over a certain size, and quite often there is a catch limit of maximum 10 shells per person.

The Maori consider the paua shell a toanga, or treasure.  Traditionally, the shell is used to represent the stars, symbolically the eyes of the ancestors gazing down at us from the sky.

Why not add the matching pendant?


  • Pendant comes on a sterling silver diamond cut Figaro chain
  • Shell measures 18x25mm
  • sterling silver rose design

Shell Size Guide