'Linea' - Pendant and Earrings Set

€80,00 EUR

Combining our Linea pendant and earrings in one unique set. Turquoise has long been a favoured stone to use in jewellery.  An easy to wear colour, in an eyecatching design. Pair with your favourite outfit!

About Turquoise

While turquoise has been known by many different names through the ages, the current name 'turquoise' was coined in the 17th century, and comes from the French for Turkish.  This is because the stone was brought to Europe through Turkey, from mines in Persia.

The Aztecs referred to turquoise as chalchihuiti.  They inlaid turquoise along with gold, malachite, jade or shells into masks, knives, and shields.  Wax or natural resins were used to bond the turquoise to the base materials.  The image on the right shows an aztec mask inlaid with turquoise.



  • turquoise
  • Sterling silver wire and chain
  • Pendant comes on a sterling silver diamond cut Figaro chain

Photo credit: By © Hans Hillewaert, CC BY-SA 4.0,