'Nautica' Pendant

€60,00 EUR

Bring a little of the ancient oceans into your life with this spiral ammonite pendant.  This large pendant will make an eye-catching focal point for your next outfit.

About ammonites

Wendy Jeffries Designs - Jupiter Ammon

Ammonites are fossilized marine animals.  The name ammonite is inspired by the spiral shape of the shell, which look a bit like tightly coiled ram horns.  Pliny the Elder (Pompei, 79AD) named these shells "ammonis cornua" or Horns of Ammon.  This was because the Egyptian god Ammon was typically depicted wearing ram's horns.  The ram's horns quickly became a symbol of supremacy.  As a result, later kings, emperors and even deities outside of Egypt were often depicted wearing these horns of ammon.

The image on the right shows a terracotta fragment depicting Jupiter Ammon with horns, made after Rome conquered Egypt.  The romans adopted the horns as a symbol or supremacy.

Pendant Features

  • Pendant comes on a sterling silver diamond cut Figaro chain
  • Stone measures approx 40mm tall
  • genuine polished ammonite

Pendant Size Guide


Photo credit Horns of Ammon: By Lalupa - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1803828