Amber Chip Earrings

€45,00 EUR

Natural Amber - Wendy Jeffries Designs

Do you dream of sunshine?  These natural amber earrings represent everything that is sunny and bright.  Because amber is a hardened tree resin, it is not cold to the touch like stone can be.  The translucent golden orange shades catch and reflect light making it look like your earrings have their own internal fire.

Amber has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times.

Sacred to the sun god Apollo, amber was once thought to be congealed sunlight. Amber was also viewed as tears- for the Vikings, and for the Greeks, tears over the death of Phaeton.


A perfect complement to your little black dress!

 Why not pair these earrings with the Amber Fire Pendant.

Each amber earring has

  • Four amber chips in various sizes
  • Silver bead detail
  • solid sterling silver ear wires