'Amazon' Pendant

€55,00 EUR

About this design

Living in the heart of Connemara as I do, sometimes I wish I could bottle up the local vistas and share them with everyone.  There are no richer shades of green than can be found out here on a fresh Spring morning.  With this green onyx pendant, I can bring you at least one of those shades.

About onyx

Green onyx boasts a rich, deep green colour, and is mainly found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, and the US.

Onyx cameo: Gemma Augustea

Onyx has a long history of being used for carving and jewellery.  The bands in the stone make it a great material for making cameos, where a contrasting layer can be used to create the background.  The image on the right shows the 'Gemma Augustea', a roman cameo from sometime between the 9th and 12th century AD, carved from two layers of onyx.

Associated with the heart chakra, green onyx is said to soothe an anxious mind, strengthen willpower and discipline, and dispel negative energy.

Pendant Features

  • Pendant comes on a sterling silver diamond cut Figaro chain
  • Stone measures 20x30mm
  • sterling silver and green onyx

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